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Keep these photos to yourself or share them with someone you love.

My goal for your boudoir session is to capture you in a way that makes you feel both beautiful and empowered. When you feel relaxed, comfortable, and sexy it’s easy to be naked…both figuratively and literally. 

You don’t need an excuse, the acceptance of your friends or family, a special occasion, or time to ‘get in better shape’ to show yourself some love with a fresh set of sexy photos.
You get your hair and nails done and you buy cute outfits to boost your mood, why can’t photos be the same? It’s basically self care.
Here is your permission to do a boudoir session JUST BECAUSE.


You could say I’m a “lite editor”. Things like acne, bruising, and lines will go away, however, magazine cover perfection is not the goal. All women possess a natural beauty and it’s my job to make sure that it shines through.

Absolutely not.

You should wear anything that makes you feel sexy whether that’s your favorite oversized T, a pair of pajamas, or lingerie.

 Depending on your session of choice it could range from 1-3 outfits…oh, plus your birthday suit.

Depending on the package you pick, it will be anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

I’m glad you asked! I’ll shoot you an email with tips to get ready for a boudoir session about 5-7 days before your scheduled time.


It should cover everything you need to know, but always feel free to ask more questions.

In short, no. Your privacy and comfort is of utmost importance so I will never share any photos without your expressed permission.

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