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Meet Siera

Photos You Actually
Want to Take

Taking photos doesn't have to feel stressful or cringe-worthy. What if I told you that when we remove all the stress and pressure of having "perfect photos" that we actually achieve the best photos.

I am Omaha based, travel often to New York City, and am typically down for wherever you'd like to take me. I pride myself on knowing when to step in, adjust hair flyaways, or tell you where to put your hands (I never know what to do with my own hands!), but also knowing when to step back and look for the true candid moments and details. I will work alongside you to create photos that you can love and feel confident about.

About Me. I'm a Fitness enthusiast, competitive Weightlifter, Enneagram 8, and have enough awkwardness for the both of us. In my opinion, dessert comes before dinner. I would eat chocolate cake every day if I could. Photography and fitness go hand in hand as my passions because my goal is to give every person I work with a new self-confidence. Everyone deserves to have a FIRE photo of themselves.


If You're a Bird
I'm a Bird

True affection may look like a slow, tender kiss, a loving embrace, or shotgunning Coors Light together. No judgement if you choose the latter.

Let me help you document your true and honest love.


If My Mouth Doesn't Say It
My Face Definitely Will

These photos are for the go-getters, overtimers, and ceiling shatterers. You’re proudly representing your passion- whether that’s a profession, side hustle, or making a statement. Your brand deserves quality content.


Friday is my
Favorite "F" Word

From simple moments like baking cookies or having a pillow fight, I love to capture people in their element. Lifestyles photos are doing the things you love, with the people you love, in the places you love to be.


What Are You Doing For
The Rest of Your Life?

Wedding pictures as authentic and atypical as you are. From obscure venues to untraditional attire and everything in between- you strive for what’s unique and different.

If you gather wedding inspiration from the anti-bride IG page then let’s talk.


If You Give Up On
Normal Photos Then LFG

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